Xinhai Net Industry Co., Ltd. has been engaged in the research for UHMWPE Ropes production since 2011, elite engineers and huge amount of fund were put into the research to find solutions for production of UHMWPE nets and ropes.
Time: 2013-12-27
A new agreement has been formed that will enable fishing vessels from 11 EU countries to fish in the waters of the Kingdom of Morocco in return for an annual payment of €30m. MEPs approved the agreement, which was initially negotiated in 2011 but was rejected by the European Parliament, earlier this week.
Time: 2013-12-14
To promote the modernized fishery and forge the Freshwater fishing city in China, Hunan Xinhai Net Industry signed the cooperative agreement with the director who is from the China Fishery Research Institute on 7th Dec.
Time: 2013-12-06
Tilapia is a unique fish in that it can be grown on mostly vegetable protein, as opposed to other species which need a protein-based diet. Tilapia effectively converts vegetable protein into animal protein, and can be used in that way to lessen the environmental impact on wild fish populations, which have traditionally been used to feed higher-priced, more lucrative fish species.
Time: 2013-11-29