Founded in 1976, Hunan Xinhai Nets Industry CO., LTD. is the most experienced and the biggest manufacturer of the fishing nets,completed fishing nets( nets cage, purse seine nets, trawl nets), ropes and twines in China. We have two sister companies in Eastern of China. We have more than 700 workers in our factory. We can produce more than 120000 tons of fishing nets per year. Our current clients range from Asia, Africa, to European, America.
Over the years, we are the only one company that has "China Well Known Trademark" in China fishing nets industry. We are the only one fishing nets manufacturer who joins in the establish of national standards.
We provide both industrial standard, as well as customized orders according to the needs and requirements of our customers ranging from all the world.
Our products are purse seine nets, trawl nets,PE knotted fishing nets, PE raschel knotless fishing nets, PE braided fishing nets, Nylon knotted fishing nets, Nylon raschel knotless fishing nets,Nylon braided fishing nets, Polyester knotted fishing nets, Polyester raschel knotless fishing nets, all kinds of nets cages, PE ropes and Nylon ropes.
If you are interested in any of our product, please feel free to contact us. We will give you one-stop service.